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It’s a Bye Week

Sorry Peteheads (huh?), but due to some medical issues the fourth episode will be delayed until next week. The episode has been watched and notes have been taken so you have an extra week to watch “Rangeboy” before next Friday.


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Polaris, Danny Tamberelli, and Mike Maronna Live in Chicago

Adventures of the Pete & Pete house band Polaris will perform live on October 26, 2014 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL. This event is in the middle of the first tour ever for the band that will consist of 9 cities. Polaris provided much of the soundtrack for The Adventures of Pete & Pete and performed the theme song, “Hey Sandy” in the opening credits. Members consisted of Mark Mulcahy, Scott Boutier, and Dave McCaffrey of Miracle Legion.   Opening for Polaris will be, stars of the show, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna’s podcast the The Adventures of Danny and Mike and Danny’s own “Punk Infused Anthemic Rock Music” band Jounce. If you’ve got the extra cash and aren’t in the Chicago area it might be worth it to make the trip for what it is sure to be memorable night.

Polaris-Adventures of Danny and Mike Event


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WBA 003: The Nightcrawlers | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure Little Pete fights the International Adult Conspiracy bed time rules by calling his mom’s bluff and attempts to break the world record of staying up 11 days in a row. He recruits other kids around the neighborhood along with Wellsville’s very own superhero, Artie. Will he beat the record? Are the adults at risk of losing power? Is change inevitable?

Meanwhile, Kevin might have to be an Artie/Slingblade for Halloween. We call out parents use of “because I said so.” Erica gets ready to play some football and horseback ride in her 90s shoulder pads and stirrup pants.

Starring: Danny Tamberelli, Michael Maronna, Judy Grafe, Hardy Rawls, and Toby Huss.

Written By: Chris Viscardi

Directed By: Katherine Dieckmann



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WBA 002: Day of the Dot | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure we cut out the fat and dive right in. Big Pete and his fellow marching band geeks get accepted to the Regional Championship and Ellen is picked to be the “dot”. The tyrannical Mr. Markle and Ellen’s new handsome bandmate threaten Pete and Ellen’s friendship and sanity. Little Pete is held prisoner on a schoolbus, by a heartbroken driver named Stu.

Kevin and Erica reminisce about their own days in the marching band and high school delinquency. For the first time we had to bleep out names to protect the…innocent?

Starring Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Alison Fanelli, Toby Huss, Ellen Cleghorne, Damian Young, and Michael Gaston

Written by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi

Directed by Katherine Dieckmann

Twitter: @WBArtie

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WBA 001: King O Frod | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

First episode! In this adventure the Wrigleys go on a road trip to the Hoover Dam, but the on the way they battle the “perfect” family. Big Pete falls in love. Little Pete tests his PSI. Dad’s title for King of the Road is challenged and Mom gets so frustrated she can’t fold the map. Kevin and Erica break it down.

Starring Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Hardy Rawls, and Judy Grafe

Written by Will McRobb

Directed by Paul Lauer

Welcome Back Artie Cover Art

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