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WBA Bonus 01: Valentine’s Day Massacre | Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure Big Pete is trying to make his dad proud by becoming a discus thrower and¬†inadvertently kills the school mascot, Edna the Squid. OH NOO! Ellen, Big Pete and Little Pete bury the squid on the 50 yard line and promise to never speak of it to anyone. Big Pete falls in love with his math teacher, Ms. Fingerwood. This makes grounds keeper Mr. Beverly jealous and he makes a deal with Big Pete’s enemy, Open-Face (or Eugene). Who will win Ms. Fingerwood’s affection? Listen a find out.

Erica and Kevin talk about the unintended creepiness of this episode and fluffernutters. That’s right. Remember that diabetes inducing concoction?

Starring: Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Alison Fanelli, Syd Straw, and Richard Edson.

Written by: Will McRobb

Directed by: Katherine Dieckmann


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WBA 008: Hard Day’s Pete | Adventures of Pete & Pete


In this adventure Little Pete is running an underground radio station called WART. He talks about things like the news, scab report, the International Adult Conspiracy and more. He DOES NOT play music though. Pete never took much interest in it until one day while taking a shortcut to school he happens upon a garage band and discovers his favorite song. He tries to go back to this house later, but no one is there and he sets out on a mission to recreate the song.

Erica and Kevin talk about what it is like to love music and how personal a song can be.

Starring: Danny Tamberelli, Mike Maronna, Hardy Rawls, Judy Grafe, and Toby Huss

Guest Starring: Polaris

Written by: Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi

Directed by: Barbara Kanowitz

Twitter: @WBArtie

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