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WBA S02E02: Field of Pete

Oppenheimer Axe

In this adventure Big Pete’s losing baseball team gets a new coach. Mr. Ed Narrins. A man obssessed with winning as well as the Orange Lazarus drink made by Bob Oppenheimer at the Slush Shack. The team starts winning games, but is brought down by a flu strain. Mr. Narrins brings in his secret weapon to making them a winning team again. Little Pete, the Ty Cobb of insults to psyche out the other team.

On first watch there isn’t much going on in this episode, but dig a little deeper and you find WWII and biblical references that Kevin and Erica try to find the meaning behind.

Starring: Michael Maronna, Danny Tamberelli and Alison Fanelli

Guest Starring: Nicholas Wyman and Paul Lazar

Written By:  Robert Mittenthal

Directed By: Chris Koch


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