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WBA S02E04: The Big Quiet | Adventures of Pete & Pete


In this adventure Little Pete and Big are both dealing with their own “Big Quiet”. Little Pete loses his best friend Gary the lizard and doesn’t know how to deal with the emptiness. Big Pete has found it impossible to talk to his father anymore. How will it get resolved this week. Tune in.

Erica and Kevin talk about the usual science, children on acid trips, and Pete insults. Kevin gets deep about men showing emotion towards their father and shares his own anxiety about shyness.

Starring: Michael Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Alison Fanelli, Hardy Rawls, and Judy Grafe.

Written by: Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil

Directed by: Tony Jacobs

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WBA 003: The Nightcrawlers | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure Little Pete fights the International Adult Conspiracy bed time rules by calling his mom’s bluff and attempts to break the world record of staying up 11 days in a row. He recruits other kids around the neighborhood along with Wellsville’s very own superhero, Artie. Will he beat the record? Are the adults at risk of losing power? Is change inevitable?

Meanwhile, Kevin might have to be an Artie/Slingblade for Halloween. We call out parents use of “because I said so.” Erica gets ready to play some football and horseback ride in her 90s shoulder pads and stirrup pants.

Starring: Danny Tamberelli, Michael Maronna, Judy Grafe, Hardy Rawls, and Toby Huss.

Written By: Chris Viscardi

Directed By: Katherine Dieckmann




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