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Polaris, Danny Tamberelli, and Mike Maronna Live in Chicago

Adventures of the Pete & Pete house band Polaris will perform live on October 26, 2014 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL. This event is in the middle of the first tour ever for the band that will consist of 9 cities. Polaris provided much of the soundtrack for The Adventures of Pete & Pete and performed the theme song, “Hey Sandy” in the opening credits. Members consisted of Mark Mulcahy, Scott Boutier, and Dave McCaffrey of Miracle Legion.   Opening for Polaris will be, stars of the show, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna’s podcast the The Adventures of Danny and Mike and Danny’s own “Punk Infused Anthemic Rock Music” band Jounce. If you’ve got the extra cash and aren’t in the Chicago area it might be worth it to make the trip for what it is sure to be memorable night.

Polaris-Adventures of Danny and Mike Event


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