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WBA S02E13: Sick Day | Adventures of Pete & Pete


In this adventure Little Pete attempts a double whammy sick day by faking food poisoning. After convincing his mom it’s real he breaks the ultimately rule when faking sick. Don’t go outside.

Starring: Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Judy Grafe, and Damian Young

Guest Starring: LL Cool J, Bebe Neuwirth, and Chris Elliott

Written by: Michael Rubiner

Directed by: Maggie Greenwald

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WBA Bonus 03: Apocalypse Pete


In this adventure Don Wrigley is desperate to find a connection with his son, Little Pete. It seems impossible until a friendly rivalry between him and Mr. Hickel (Ellen’s father) escalates into “The Great Prank War” after Mr. Hickel starts broadcasting through the metal plate in Mom’s head in order to get revenge for blowing up his remote controlled car. Will this ware ever end?

Kevin compares Pete and Don’s struggle to when he was a teenager. Erica makes observations about how Don and Pete are actually more alike than they think. They end it comparing the whole thing to the Cold War. Yes. You read that correctly.

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WBA 008: Hard Day’s Pete | Adventures of Pete & Pete


In this adventure Little Pete is running an underground radio station called WART. He talks about things like the news, scab report, the International Adult Conspiracy and more. He DOES NOT play music though. Pete never took much interest in it until one day while taking a shortcut to school he happens upon a garage band and discovers his favorite song. He tries to go back to this house later, but no one is there and he sets out on a mission to recreate the song.

Erica and Kevin talk about what it is like to love music and how personal a song can be.

Starring: Danny Tamberelli, Mike Maronna, Hardy Rawls, Judy Grafe, and Toby Huss

Guest Starring: Polaris

Written by: Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi

Directed by: Barbara Kanowitz

Twitter: @WBArtie


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WBA 003: The Nightcrawlers | The Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure Little Pete fights the International Adult Conspiracy bed time rules by calling his mom’s bluff and attempts to break the world record of staying up 11 days in a row. He recruits other kids around the neighborhood along with Wellsville’s very own superhero, Artie. Will he beat the record? Are the adults at risk of losing power? Is change inevitable?

Meanwhile, Kevin might have to be an Artie/Slingblade for Halloween. We call out parents use of “because I said so.” Erica gets ready to play some football and horseback ride in her 90s shoulder pads and stirrup pants.

Starring: Danny Tamberelli, Michael Maronna, Judy Grafe, Hardy Rawls, and Toby Huss.

Written By: Chris Viscardi

Directed By: Katherine Dieckmann




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