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WBA 004: Rangeboy | Adventures of Pete & Pete

In this adventure Big Pete gets a job as rangeboy at his dad’s golf range. A job so embarrassing that it had driven previous rangeboys to go crazy or have to move to another county and get plastic surgery. Big Pete comes up with a brilliant idea to wear a grizzly bear costume; a species long since driven out by golfers. Little Pete is training Artie (The Strongest Man…in the World!) for the upcoming distance contest when Artie’s swing strength causes a terrible amnesia accident for an old friend. Meanwhile, Pete’s father comes up with a contest idea that threatens to out Big Pete as a rangeboy.

It’s not the strongest episode, but there are some clever themes that Kevin and Erica expolore.

Starring: Mike Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Alison Fanelli, Hardy Rawls, and Toby Huss

Guest Star: Frank Gifford

Written by: Rick Groel

Directed by: Chris Koch




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